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About the studio

My name is Lilia Januszkiewicz-Janik. I am a graphic designer, photographer and owner of the Eljot Design studio. I have gained my professional experience working in the positions of a graphic designer and photographer in various companies and different cities (in Cracow and Wroclaw), to finally take matters into my own hands in 2015 and fulfil my lifelong dream — set up my studio, which I decided to call Eljot Design.

How can I help you

I run Eljot Design myself; therefore I cannot do everything, but I can do a lot. My offer includes a comprehensive range of graphic design services, starting from a concept idea, plan, through a graphic design, typesetting, photo shooting (if necessary), to sending the completed project to a printing house or publishing a website. My job involves branding, broadly defined advertisement including printed and online, outdoor and indoor advertising projects; I develop complete packages of advertising projects (brochures, leaflets, posters, websites etc.) and I always strive for esthetic, well-thought and effective creative solutions, which will satisfy and meet the requirements of my Clients.

Another key aspect of my job includes photography, which is an integral part of graphic designing — both areas of interest deal with image creation, they sustain and complete each other. My portfolio includes wedding and portrait photo projects as well as advertising photo projects: fashion & beauty, architecture, interiors, products, dishes and drinks.

I also collaborate with 3D graphic designers, architects, interior designers, IT specialist, copy writers, translators as well as with offset, digital and large-format printing houses.

In the future I do not intend to expand my studio. I would like it to keep its intimate character. I believe that the advantages of a small business include shorter lead time, efficient services, better work organisation structure and faster decision making process, as compared to big agencies. In short, it is more flexible and effective, and cheaper at the same time. It also has one big advantage — it ensures ongoing, direct contact with You, my Clients.

Philosophy of Eljot Design

The rule that I try to follow in my work is to strive for a perfect graphic design; that is a design which meets the three criteria: it is readable, simple and beautiful. My intention is to achieve the maximum by using a minimum — once I read that a graphic design is ready not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing left to take away.

Another golden rule I follow in both my work and life is: either do it well or don’t do it at all. Working on a graphic design may sometimes be more or less creative or time-consuming, but it should always produce a well-thought and esthetic project developed with commitment and also one that I feel completely accountable for.

The third point is not a guideline, it’s simply a confession — I love my job. I am fascinated not only by the creative process itself, but also by the idea that my work may to some extent affect other people’s life: it may memorialize moments of their happiness and beauty, meet their expectations, and also — I hope — bring joy.

I would like to share the experience and knowledge which I keep gaining every day with You — my present and future Clients.


Graphic design

  • Identity Design Projects
    logo, business cards, folders, business letterhead paper and stationery, notepads, envelopes
  • Print Projects
    brochures, booklets, catalogs, leaflets, flyers, albums, covers, books, posters, restaurant menu, calendars, folders, invitations, postcards and greeting cards
  • Press Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
    signboards, lighting boxes, banners, billboards, citylights, advertising stickers in windows
  • Indoor Advertising
    trade show booths, lighting advertising panels, roll-ups
  • Product Packaging & Labels
  • Multimedia presentations


  • Wedding Photography
  • Advertising Photography
    fashion & beauty, products, food, drinks
  • Architectural & Interiors Photography
  • Corporate & Business Photography
    photo sessions promoting the company, photos of employees and management staff, photoeventsreportage
  • Reportage Family Photography
    christening parties, first communion parties, bachelor & hen parties
  • Portrait Photography, Individual Photo Sessions
  • Photos for Portfolio
    lookbooks for models, actors, actresses
  • Photo Books
  • Retouching & Photomontage


  • Websites
  • CMS Systems
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile Websites
  • Web Portal
  • Online Shops
  • Interfaces
  • Animations
  • Landing Pages
  • Allegro Templates
  • Newsletters
  • Web Banners



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+48 605 940 250